Monthly Update December 2016

by Emmet O'Grady, Jan. 11th, 2017
monthly report, passive income, personal thoughts

Two big things occupied this month, preparations for moving to Ireland in two months and embarking on a new adventure by starting a consultancy company.

Monthly Update November 2016

by Emmet O'Grady, Dec. 7th, 2016
monthly report, passive income, personal thoughts

I liked this month, it was difficult because I’ve been practicing my self-discipline but I feel like I was more “clear-headed” and I did much more introspection than other months. Here are the details of the month:

Monthly Update October 2016

by Emmet O'Grady, Nov. 23rd , 2016
monthly report, passive income, personal thoughts

This month was a great month in terms of personal development because I’m feeling great about myself and what I’m doing. In terms of productivity it wasn’t fantastic, I’m still working on the discipline to sit down each day and do what needs to be done. Here are the details:

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Monthly Update September 2016

by Emmet O'Grady, Oct. 11th, 2016
monthly report, passive income, personal thoughts

All in all it was a mixed month. It was not a productive month but it was an enjoyable month, with quite a few exciting things like the launch of my second course with an email sequence and a new subscription popup to increase blog subscriptions. Here are the details:

Monthly Update August 2016

by Emmet O'Grady, Sep. 21st , 2016
monthly report, passive income, personal thoughts

This month has been mostly focused on preparing my latest course for publishing. I’ve had one hugely successful blog post and I’m learning how to outsource. My Passive Income hit a record high. Here are the details.

Monthly Update July 2016

by Emmet O'Grady, Aug. 17th, 2016
monthly report, passive income, personal thoughts

This month has been a great one, here are the highlights. Article Successes This month I’ve been continuing my routine of publishing one article a week and I had the good fortune that a few of this months articles became very sucessful.

Top 4 Things Holding This Entrepreneur Back From Marketing

by Emmet O'Grady, Jul. 27th, 2016
personal thoughts, progress

Recently I listened to a podcast episode of zero to scale where they talked about how they acquired their first customers. They said that they got their first few customers from these places:

My First Personal Retreat

by Emmet O'Grady, Jun. 22nd , 2016
personal thoughts, retreat

Recently I went on my first personal retreat. I spent two days in a hostel in a small town in the mountains to reflect. I heard about the idea of personal retreats from Rob Walling on the “Startups For The Rest Of Us” podcast, Rob and his wife talk about retreats in more detail in this podcast episode. A personal retreat is basically “time in” away from

Configuring Docker Registry V2

by Emmet O'Grady, May. 15th, 2015
programming, docker registry

This post describes how to configure the registry by injecting the config file into the container at build time. The official documentation describes how to overwrite variables one by one using environment variables, however I prefer injecting the config entirely, it’s more obvious.

The evil of passing arbitrary arrays as parameters

by Emmet O'Grady, Oct. 27th, 2014
PHP, coding antipatterns, software design

Ok, so passing arbitrary data grouped in arrays as parameters is not that bad, it’s certainly not evil, but there are definitely nicer ways to code. Here I’ll show you exactly why it’s not good programming practice. First let me explain what I mean. When I say “passing arbitrary data grouped in arrays as parameters” I mean