This month has been a great one, here are the highlights.

Article Successes

This month I’ve been continuing my routine of publishing one article a week and I had the good fortune that a few of this months articles became very sucessful. I have two blogs, this one ( and In the last two weeks the NimbleCI blog has received over 4000 visits!

The secret was getting the word out about my post. When I published the article I posted on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and waited, then the Docker team tweeted the post and featured it in the weekly newsletter. I got a lot of visits from that. From this I learnt that the secret is to tell people after you publish articles. Now I have a checklist of things that I do after I publish an article.

Life changes

My life is going to change a lot in the next six months because my wife and I are planning on moving to Ireland to live and start our family. This change has given me even more reason to reach my goal of having €2k a month of “passive” income, right now I’m around €50-100 a month. This income comes from my online course so right now I’m working hard on releasing another course.

Miracle Morning

I’ve recently discovered a technique called “Miracle Morning”, it’s a short morning routine that I’ve started doing and I like it a lot. It involves six steps: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. An easy way to remember all of these is SAVERS. I usually spent around 5 minutes on each step so it takes me around 30 or 40 minutes in total but they say that it can be done with 1 minute for each step, so six minutes total.

Passive Income

passive income august 2016

Income is picking up slowly from the last few months, I received quite a few very good ratings in my course, I’m guessing that’s driving sales on Udemy.

See you next month!