This month has been mostly focused on preparing my latest course for publishing. I’ve had one hugely successful blog post and I’m learning how to outsource. My Passive Income hit a record high. Here are the details.

Blog Posts

In the middle of August I published this article which went semi-viral, I say semi-viral because it brought me over 13k unique pageviews (18.5k sessions), which for me is massive. I have two blogs, the one you’re reading ( and the NimbleCI one My personal blog is not growing much but the NimbleCI blog is doing very well. Here’s the traffic for the NimbleCI blog for the month of August:

nimbleci blog traffic august 2016

Theres a big spike when I published the article. I think it worked so well because the title was an extreme example, 1000 nodes is much much larger than most people are used to so the title caught peoples attention. It certainly sparked a lot of criticism on Hacker News. Speaking of which, that criticism was really hard to take, the day I published the post and the day after I was a mix of being very stressed about the criticism people were giving me and being extremely excited that my post was getting so much traffic. I imagine it will get easier to deal with this with time but wow, that day was stressful.

Here’s the breakdown of where the traffic came from in the month of August:

nimbleci traffic source breakdown august 2016

Most of the traffic came from Hacker News. That’s because the post there sparked a lot of controversy and so it ranked number 2 or 3 on the Hacker News homepage for quite a while, I think it was there for 3 or 4 hours. The Hacker News traffic came in a big spike over only one or two days, while the other traffic sources were spread out more or less evenly over the month.

Blog Subscribers

Another big goal of mine is to get blog subscribers. Having an email list will make future launches of products much easier, since I won’t have to start from zero with the marketing. At the end of August I had 21 subscribers to both blogs, this was largely driven by the successful blog post mentioned above. I’m aiming to increase my subscribers by 150% each month, so in August I definitely reached that goal (I had 4 subscribers in July).

Learning To Outsource

My main focus in August was to finish my second course, with the goal of increasing my passive income overall. In order to finish quicker I decided to outsource the video editing and post-production to a freelancer called Srdan Vlajkovic on Upwork. So far it’s going really really well, I’m very happy with Srdan and I’d recommend him to anybody who needs video post production work. So far I’ve spent $230 on Upwork which works out at around $30 for each video.

This week I’ll be focusing on launching and promoting the new course.

Passive Income

passive income august 2016

August was a record month in terms of my passive income, it was the highest income from my course since its launch. This week I’m preparing to launch my second course, so hopefully the passive income graph will increase next month.

Mental Health

This month went very well in terms of where I am in my head. I feel like I’m doing much much better dealing with stress and I’m finding it much easier to be patient and not let small things stress me. The Miracle Morning routine is really great, although lately I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit because I only do it some mornings.

I see one important area of improvement: discipline of sitting down and getting things done. I’m getting better but there’s still a long way to go.

See you next month!