All in all it was a mixed month. It was not a productive month but it was an enjoyable month, with quite a few exciting things like the launch of my second course with an email sequence and a new subscription popup to increase blog subscriptions. Here are the details:

Blog Posts

I kept up the rhythm of publishing one blog post a week except for the week where I launched the course because I didn’t want to send too many emails to the list (more details on the launch below).

Here’s the traffic by page:

nimbleci blog traffic by page

In September the article called “How to build docker images automatically with jenkins pipeline” got over 2k visits. That post was written on the last day of August. It’s interesting to see the semi-viral post from last month “How To Set Up And Deploy To A 1000-Node Docker Swarm” still getting a lot of traffic, even though it is over a month old. Most of the traffic coming to that page is organic (about 35%), which is great because it’s a steady stream of new traffic without me having to do anything at all.

Blog Subscribers

Another big goal of mine is to get blog subscribers. Having an email list will make future launches of products much easier, since I won’t have to start from zero with the marketing. At the beginning of September I had 21 subscribers to both blogs, in September I joined a few other lists into one, so at the end of September there are a total of 52 people on my lists. From last month this is an increase of around 250% which is definitely above my goal of increase my subscribers by 150% each month.

I’ve recently added a popup subscription box to both blogs which will hopefully increase the conversion rate of subscriptions. Here’s what it looks like:

subscription popup

(if you actually do want to to receive an email each time I post a new article, use the box at the end of this article)

Before the popup the conversion rate of people subscribing has been extremely, extremely bad (around 0.005%). The popup is already showing promise though, I’ll share numbers next month.

Launch of new course

I launched my new course to my list of around 45 people. The launch consisted of an email a day between when the launch started on Monday to when it ended on Friday, plus one thank you email on Saturday to let everyone know the launch had ended. The launch generated one sale and 1 person unsubscribed from the list. All in all the launch was a success, I learned a huge amount and now I have all the emails and other material prepared so I’ll know what I’m doing for the next launch :P

I could have improved the launch a lot by promoting it in other mediums too. I didn’t promote the launch at all on LinkedIn and only tweeted once about it. Also, it’s a numbers game, so my first priority is building up my list. A 2% conversion rate is good, but 2% of 10,000 people is much more than 2% of 45 people.

Passive Income

passive income september 2016

Udemy sales went down again after the temporary boost in August. I did get my first sale of my new course though, which gave me 45$ after Teachable’s fees for the transaction. I do have to pay 39$ each month for the Teachable platform though.

Mental Health

As I mentioned before, this month wasn’t great in terms of productivity. I spent a lot of time playing computer games and avoiding two things: making the last three course videos for the course that I recently launched and marketing it. However I feel like I’m doing much better when it comes to not letting my anxieties overflow. I’m much more able to talk about things that are bothering me before they turn into bigger problems.

This month I spent a lot of time running away from two things: creating the last few videos for the course and marketing it. Instead of doing these things I preferred to play computer games. Some days I worked on other less important but still useful things like implementing the subscription popup but I still need to get better at facing the important things and getting them done. It’s a matter of perspective too, I need to keep the final vision in my head so I have energy and enthusiasm to overcome the obstacles to get there.

Still, even though I did waste a lot of time being unproductive I’m learning to not beat myself up about it. My wife and I have come to an agreement where I pay her 50€ for each hour that I choose to not be productive (my time is worth around that) so I feel less guilt; I can play games if I want to, but it’s not in my best financial interest :D

See you next month!