I liked this month, it was difficult because I’ve been practicing my self-discipline but I feel like I was more “clear-headed” and I did much more introspection than other months. Here are the details of the month:

Blog Posts

I met my goal of publishing a blog post a week.

Traffic increased a lot with respect to last month, I didn’t publish many articles last month so this is probably the reason.

sessions on blog

I’ve published two articles on the NimbleCI blog since my last update, let’s see how they did. Remember that I’m aiming to get 3000 unique pageviews for each new article that I write.

The first post was entitled “Top 10 New Features And Improvements Coming In Docker 1.13”. This post did really well, it has received 3612 unique pageviews so far. I advertised this post in all my channels as normal, it got a huge amount of shares on social media.

The second post was entitled “Is Docker Swarm Really Ready For Production?”. With this post I was tried to make the title as “HackerNews” clickable as possible, I was hoping to start a discussion by posting something controversial, but the HackerNews thread had no activity at all. In the end this post did very badly, it brought in only 1059 unique pageviews. This experience makes me think that maybe “controversial” is not the answer, maybe “never before attempted” kinds of things will attract people instead.

Blog Subscribers

A continuous goal of mine has been to increase my blog subscribers by 150% each month. In previous montly update posts I’ve been giving numbers at the moment that I wrote the post, but I’ve decided to change that and report here on the values at the end of the previous month instead. Hopefully this will make things clearer.

So, at the start of November I had 64 blog subscribers. At the end of November I had 90 subscribers. That’s an increase of 140% which is just below my goal of 150%.

The popup subscription box which I added to my site is still converting very badly (0.07%). This month I haven’t had a chance to improve it. These improvements would be a perfect thing to outsource, I’ll keep this in mind next month.

The Last Three Lectures

If you’ve been following my progress you’ll know about the famous “three last lectures” that I haven’t been able to stop procrastinating about. Well, I’ve finally got over them, I’ve started progress on them and I’ve realized that it’s not at all as bad as I had been imagining.

I should be finished the last lectures in two weeks time. I’m looking forward to this because then I will start driving some paid advertising to a landing page for the course.

Passive Income

passive income

Passive income is stable at around 40-50€ per month. I’m hoping that when I start building the funnel for the Teachable course then my passive income will shoot up.

Mental Health

Since realizing a few weeks ago that I need discipline to sit down and do what needs doing even if I don’t want to, I’ve made good progress. This week in particular has been very good, I’ve put in my hours consistently and I’ve made great progress on the last three lectures of my course, which is one of my big goals.

See you next month!