Two big things occupied this month, preparations for moving to Ireland in two months and embarking on a new adventure by starting a consultancy company.

Blog Posts

This month I practically stopped writing altogether. I didn’t produce any new content for the NimbleCI blog and I’m pretty late in writing this update for December 2016. The real reason was that I didn’t give it enough importance.

Blog Subscribers

At the start of December I had 90 blog subscribers and at the end of December I had 110 subscribers. That’s an increase of 122% which is way below my goal of 150%.

Surprisingly the popup subscription box which I added to my site is still converting very badly. During december I removed the full screen popup and replaced it with an animated popup on the side, here’s a screenshot:


You’ll also see the popup if you scroll down this page.

I was hoping that the conversion rate of the site overall would increase but it’s still hovering around the same 0.07% rate, that means that to get one new person to sign up, I need 1428 new people to read my blog. That’s pretty depressing. At least I’m getting new traffic constantly from SEO.

Traffic to the NimbleCI blog has been steady, it dipped a bit over the christmas holidays. A higher percentage of traffic is coming from organic channels now compared to last month, which is great.

Passive Income

passive income

December was a really bad month for passive income. Udemy income went down to 12€, this was the only passive income for December.

Mental Health

I’m doing very well mentally. My wife and I have a fantastic relationship now, recently we both got much better at realizing how we feel and not taking it out on each other. I’m still working on self dicipline, there have been quite a few days where I did nothing productive. The move to Ireland soon is exciting and scary but we’re doing a good job of making the preparations in advance so hopefully the actual move won’t be too stressful.

See you next month!